Stray Thoughts


Once you have savored on the extraordinary sense of bliss, going back to the ordinary routine feels tedious. It isn’t that you weren’t living before this particularly beautiful thing occurred in your life but now that it did and had its branch grown firmly through the window of your life for quite some time, while you kept plucking fruits that grew on it; it is letting go of the branch that is difficult when it is time to cut it off and set the tree free to sway to the wind as it naturally should.


The tree on the other hand is sad too to let go of its old friend but is also relieved that it can move on to swing its branches more freely. Such is the life of a nomadic lover. He respects, cares, loves, gives himself to the other as much as he takes, but knows he can’t stay. He has to leave or he can’t forgive himself for staying tied up in one place. He is called many names, adulterer, philanderer, Casanova, Heart-breaker, etc… But only the nomad knows that each time he breaks a heart, he breaks a bit from within. No matter how much it pains, he has to move on, taking care that he doesn’t cage the magic of love to settle and die into a mundane act. His path lays ahead on which there are many souls to be reached, many lives to be touched, many smiles to be spread and tears to be shed. And in doing so he is always arriving. But to arrive he has to leave… And in leaving he is going to break another heart… And so it goes…


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