Rape and Murder

Rape and Murder are the same thing. In murder, your life is snatched from you against your wish. In rape, you are used as an object for sex against your wish. You don’t necessarily die in case of rape but on a psychological level, something does die inside you. What’s worse is the memory of the instance when you were being used like a lifeless object, the humiliation, the impotent anger, the pain, crushed self esteem, the helplessness and worst is the memory of having a climatic discharge in some cases where the body and mind do not agree with each other – the mind hasn’t yet recovered from the shock of attack and failed resistance but the body mechanically goes through its own biological functions… In that instance, you are as good as a dead body since your mind is not with your body.

Hence I believe, rape is a form of murder on a deeper level and hence the culprit should be sentenced to death at least in cases of rape where there are no doubts about the innocence of the accused. In case of murder there maybe variations on grounds of motive but rape has no justifiable motive no matter which way you look at it…

Therefore a sadistic death for the rapists is what our law needs to implement. Now the question arises, what will happen to the wrongly framed victims of rape cases. If proven so on medical grounds, the person who misuses the law to frame someone in a rape case should be charged with ‘Attempt to murder’. That will help lower the number of fake rape cases.

In our times, this is just what India needs. I hope we have some other ways of eliminating rapes in our society. If not, it’s high time such stringent laws are passed.


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